Public Agency Administrators

For Public Agency Administrators

Working together, Kids Insight can help child welfare administrators build a stronger child welfare system that marshals resources wisely and puts kids on the path to success. Leveraging innovative tools and practices, we can ensure that critical decisions are based on the best available data, so children receive the best services and care.

Measuring Well-being

Kids Insight makes it possible to match children’s needs with a provider that has a proven track record of success with their specific issues — the first time. We also provide powerful, agency-level data that allows for effective performance management and purchase of services.


A complete picture of kids' social and emotional well-being

Getting a more complete picture of well-being.

Kids Insight uses an innovative, scientifically validated approach to measuring behavior-based well-being called TOP to track multiple dimensions of well-being and provides actionable information about how to improve care.

How TOP Helps Administrators

Build capacity and improve performance

  • Improves understanding of providers’ strengths
  • Delivers empirically supported quality improvement roadmaps to providers
  • Assesses the effectiveness of current services
  • Identifies which children are receiving the services they need (and which are not)
  • Identifies gaps in services

Use tax payer dollars effectively and efficiently

  • Enables public systems to increase the transparency and accountability of service providers
  • Allows scientifically valid comparisons of performance on each of several behavioral health domains across providers
  • Applies real outcome data to performance-based contracting
  • Demonstrates value for dollars spent on child welfare services, ensuring that agencies pay for services that work

Match providers’ strengths with children’s needs

  • Move from “finding the next available bed” to providing the best possible care
  • Support easier and better placement process for children in out-of-home care
  • Use existing services better by leveraging strengths
  • Identify services trends across the child welfare system by race, age and gender

Improve placement stability through effective deployment of services

  • Reduce number of disruptions
  • Shorten lengths of stay
  • Improve reunification with family and kin by focusing on behavioral changes
  • Ensure that children are getting the services they need

Use one assessment tool to provide information needed throughout the system

  • Screen for trauma
  • Assess Level of Care
  • Obtain IV-E Waiver evaluation information
  • Use valid behavioral health outcome data in safety and permanency decisions

Putting TOP to work to help kids succeed

Kids Insight combines powerful data collection methodology with best practices for implementation to help child welfare systems improve the well-being of children in care.

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