Private Agencies

For Private Agencies & Providers

The Kids Insight solution is designed to help child welfare systems work with private agencies and providers to learn how we can improve services and get better — and together improve children’s well-being. Kids Insight helps child welfare systems provide more effective care through better assessment of children’s needs and providers’ strengths.

Find the right resources for kids

Behavioral health clinicians have areas of strength and weakness (just as a surgeon’s strengths and weaknesses differ from those of a general practitioner) and they can specialize in what they do best. Kids Insight identifies providers’ strong points by measuring improvements in behavioral health and well-being outcomes. With a more complete understanding of the child’s needs and providers’ strengths, Kids Insight enables agencies to match children with the most effective resources.

How TOP helps Private Agencies and Providers

Better understand children’s needs and enhance provider capacity

  • Track well-being over time and adjust services
  • Better understand when children need to step up or step down in care
  • Identify provider strengths so they can target whom they serve
  • Identify when additional services may be needed in order to prevent disruptions
  • Receive notifications when critical issues arise

Provide effective and needed services

  • Assess the effectiveness of current services
  • Understand gap between the available services and the services children need

Provide evidence-based method to improve services

  • Access evidence-based library of services for children’s issues
  • Receive clear reports that show when children are improving or experiencing poor outcomes
  • Identify the types of clients for whom private agencies may need to improve their services

Better resource management

  • Assess the effectiveness of current services
  • Understand gaps between available services and the services children need
  • Use TOP data to better position agency for contracts and fine-tune business plans
  • Build quality improvement roadmaps specific to problem areas using the Kids Insight library of evidence-based treatments
  • Match children’s needs with therapists’ strengths

Putting TOP to work to help kids succeed

Kids Insight combines powerful data collection methodology with best practices for implementation to help child welfare systems improve the well-being of children in care.

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