For Caseworkers

Kids Insight uses an innovative, scientifically validated approach to measuring social and emotional well-being called TOP. Working with frontline caseworkers and child welfare specialists, Kids Insight is developing new best practices and procedures to fully leverage TOP for teens and kids receiving child welfare services.Learn more about TOP

Better decision making. Better outcomes.

TOP Reports are easy to use, collect multiple perspectives from people who know the child, and provide detailed reports that make it possible to track—and improve—well-being over time.


How TOP Helps Caseworkers & Supervisors

Improve case planning

  • Tracks child progress over time and identifies when to adjust services accordingly
  • Enables more informed and better decision-making around:
    • When to reunify
    • When to terminate parental rights
    • When to step down
    • When higher levels of care are needed
  • Provides a more complete picture of a child’s needs and strengths than a traditional assessment
  • Makes conversations with caregivers, parents, teens, and therapists more meaningful and productive — and facilitates better and more productive relationships

Improve ability to respond to a crisis

  • Provides critical alerts for potentially serious issues that might otherwise be overlooked
  • Offers clearer picture of what is causing the crisis
  • Helps prevent disruptions 

Plan more efficient and effective meetings

  • Access behavioral health information that was never available before
  • Use TOP’s 360º multi-rater reports for a more holistic view of the child
  • Identify where there are agreements and differences of opinion among multiple stakeholders to drive better discussions 

Spend more time using valid information, not searching for it

  • Streamline information gathering from multiple stakeholders
  • Easily administer assessments with web-based tool that includes automatic reminders
  • TOP questionnaire takes 10 minutes to fill out, online or in paper format
  • Access individual and multi-rater reports immediately

Putting TOP to work to help kids succeed

Kids Insight combines powerful data collection methodology with best practices for implementation to help child welfare systems improve the well-being of children in care.

Learn more about how TOP works