Who We Help

Helping kids, and the people who care about them

Kids Insight delivers innovative ways to finally measure and improve the well-being of kids in child welfare. Using a simple online assessment tool called TOP, we can gain a new understanding of kids’ social and emotional needs — to inform decisions about their level of care, find the right providers to help, and work towards permanency.

Kids & Families

Helping kids get healthier, and families stay involved.


Well-informed decisions and better caseload management.

Agency Administrators

Marshal resources wisely and put kids on a path to success.

Private Providers

Improving services and kids’ well-being, together.

Caseworkers & Supervisors

The Kids Insight solution streamlines information gathering to uncover valuable data that leads to actionable insights: Improving the ability for case teams to respond to crises, strengthening connections and team relationships, making it easier to assess the effectiveness of services — and improving daily case management.

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Child Welfare Administrators

Kids Insight ensures that critical decisions are based on the best available data, so children receive the best services and care. Working together, we can help child welfare administrators build a stronger child welfare system that marshals resources wisely and puts kids on the path to success.

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Private Agencies & Providers

The Kids Insight solution is designed to help child welfare systems work with private agencies and providers to learn how we can get better, together, at delivering services that work to the kids who need our help.

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Kids, Bio-Families & Foster Parents

Kids Insight has developed simple ways to make sure that kids, bio-families and foster parents are active, involved and informed members of the child welfare team as we all work together to help kids succeed.

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The TOP tool sparked a conversation among the key parties about how to deal with issues the child was having. I think the foster mother realized that we are interested in the day-to-day problems and challenges she’s facing, and that we are here to help and support her.

—DCFS Caseworker, summarizing impact of TOP report that alerted the team to severe behaviors identified only by the foster parent