Building capacity and ensuring lasting change

Our best tools for improving kids’ well-being are only effective if they are consistently used. Leveraging our expertise in child welfare processes, complex systems reform, using data to improve outcomes, enterprise data systems — and a core focus on improving behavior health outcomes — Kids Insight is here to help you build capacity and lasting change

Kids Insight Implementation

Ensuring adoption

  • Help all stakeholders (families, children, foster parents, kin, caseworkers, private providers, agency leadership and others) gain a thorough understanding of TOP and its benefits
  • Develop easy-to-use, web-based tools and training to effectively embed TOP in your system
  • Deliver new information to improve conversations and decision-making

Building capacity

  • Adapt TOP to your specific practice: adjust the rating cycle, select questions for your age group, identify critical raters needed for assessments
  • Ensure usability of online tools and TOP reports through technical and practice support
  • Help leaders and supervisors use TOP data to drive practice change
  • Give providers the information and tools they need to improve services

Affecting change

  • Understand TOP Reports

  • Identify Critical Alerts and Key Indicators

  • Track change over time

  • Use data to contract with providers

  • Provide guidance and assistance in evaluating  Title IV-E Waivers to better understand what works

What’s useful is being able to look at all the different clinical behaviors and then have discussions with providers and the clinical team to get on same page.

—DCFS Caseworker