Kids Insight

Improving outcomes for kids in child welfare

Kids Insight is a nonprofit dedicated to improving outcomes for kids in child welfare by measuring their social and emotional well-being with a 360º perspective, and matching them with the right resources needed to thrive.

Kids Insight helps Child Welfare systems and Juvenile Justice jurisdictions measure children’s social and emotional well-being, and determine best courses of action for their care, using a patented behavioral health assessment tool call the Treatment Outcome Package (TOP).

  • Using easy-to-understand questions, TOP collects input from all the important people in the child’s life, including parents and the kids themselves.
  • This data lets us scientifically measure and track how children score as compared with the U.S. average based on 11–13 different well-being factors.
  • TOP provides important real-time input that informs day-to-day decision-making through accessible online reports about individual kids.
  • Monthly aggregate reports offer new information about the served populations, usage levels, and provider performance.

Our staff provides significant on-site training and implementation assistance to help child welfare systems adopt new technology and methodology, build long-term capacity and create lasting change.

Headquartered in Massachusetts, Kids Insight was created in collaboration with child welfare experts, pioneering behavioral health practitioners, dedicated foundations — and with the help of caseworkers, child welfare systems and therapists around the country. Kids Insight receives significant support and funding from the Annie E. Casey Foundation and The Duke Endowment, and works closely with Outcomes Referrals Inc to ensure the successful implementation and use of TOP assessments .