Measuring and improving kids’ well-being

Kids Insight is a nonprofit dedicated to improving outcomes for kids in child welfare by measuring their social and emotional well-being with a 360º perspective, matching them with the right resources they need to thrive—and tracking their progress over time.

Kids Insight has been developed in collaboration with:

Building a well-informed child welfare team

Kids Insight provides a powerful way for every member of the child welfare team to develop a deeper and holistic understanding of kids in the system — to build better relationships and inform more effective decisions.

Kids & Families

Helping kids get healthier, and families stay involved.


Well-informed decisions and better caseload management.

Agency Administrators

Marshal resources wisely and put kids on a path to success.

Private Providers

Improving services and kids’ well-being, together.

Turning rich data into actionable insights

The better we get at tracking children’s well-being over time, the smarter we will be at identifying their needs, matching those needs with providers’ strengths — and understanding whether child welfare interventions are actually working. Kids Insight combines 360º Assessment Tools to capture new data on the well-being of kids in care, and helps child welfare systems put those insights into action.

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About Kids Insight

Created in collaboration with The Annie E. Casey Foundation, The Duke Endowment, Outcome Referrals, and child welfare caseworkers and leaders, Kids Insight leverages scientifically validated tools and the world’s largest behavioral-health outcomes dataset to help inform decision-making, improve child-provider matching and enable proactive, preventative action.
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Tackling critical issues in child welfare

Does intervening in children’s lives, whether as service providers or as a child welfare system, actually help them? Without the right tools, how can we measure how children are doing socially and emotionally, as individuals or as a population? Find out how Kids Insight is helping to answer these important questions.

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Together, we’re gaining new insight on kids

Let’s work together to improve child well-being and child welfare systems. To learn more please contact Kids Insight today.

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The better insight we have…the better the care we can provide today, and the better we can improve the system for the long term.